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Offline TikTok using too much Mobile storage?

You can set it up in settings to optimise your Phone Storage. You have options to: Autodelete video as soon as you swipe it up (delete as watched), Auto-delete batch as soon as it is finished, Delete batches you don't want to watch of keep

How offline TikTok manages Mobile storage?

Offline TikTok downloads videos in inaccessible storage and can be used only inside Offline TikTok. While you can still move videos from App Folder to Downloads folder in Phone as TikTok downloads the video when you hit the option inside a video.

How to watch TikTok videos offline?

You can Offline TikTok videos without internet with Offline TikTok. It is available on playstore and you can download at https://offlinetiktok.com/

What is Offline TikTok?

Offline TikTok is same as your regular TikTok where you can watch latest For-You videos for free, offline, without internet.

How does offline TikTok save battery?

Android drains battery at 20% higher rate when it’s connected to Mobile Data. While using offline TikTok, you do not have to turn mobile data on, which will save you 20% of potential battery loss for any session of TikTok usage.

Who is Offline TikTok for?

You will need Offline TikTok if you want to save Mobile data cost and battery while travelling, at work, subway, commuting, at a gathering, on a plane or even at home.